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Codefreeze is a unconference with very little structure. Actually, it’s not a conference at all. CodeFreeze is a time and place for software craftspeople to meet. We would like to have likeminded people to gather in one place and have long conversations about craftsmanship over a beer. And to practice our coding skills.

This year, we’ll experience new moon - time when the moon does not enlighten us, but hopefully gives more room for Aurora Borealis to do that.

Did we mention that this place is above the arctic circle? Which is pretty cool. Or freezingly cold actually.

SoCraTes Finland?

Codefreeze is proud to be part of the family of SoCraTes conferences spread all over the Europe. The family of SoCraTes conferences include

When and Where


CodeFreeze dates will be defined by looking the moon calendar

Image credit: Suomen Latu Kiiloää


In the beautiful scenes of Kiilopää, Inari, Finland.

Image credit: Suomen Latu Kiiloää

Speakers Participants

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  2. Andreas Bräu @evAltenberga
  3. Benoit Chiquet  
  4. Markus Tacker @coderbyheart
  5. Danny Preussler @PreusslerBerlin
  6. Georgina @gemcfadyen
  7. Jarkyn @indykidd
  8. Tanja Tacker @kamilleblumm
  9. Petri Heiramo @pheiramo
  10. Priya @priya104
  11. Ruben Eguiluz @regiluze
  12. Aki Salmi @rinkkasatiainen
  13. Wouter De Rijck @ridingwolf

Previous editions

###2015 In February 2015 there were about 20 people enjoying their time at Kiilopää. Want to know more - please visit the page where we actually can comment on some thoughts here

###2016 In January 2016 we met again and brought some of our loved ones and families along to Kiilopää. Find out who here

Directions: How to get there

By plane

The nearest airport is in Ivalo (IVL). Both Finnair and Norwegian flies from Helsinki to Ivalo, if not daily, then almost. From every single flight arriving at Ivalo, there is a bus connection from the airport to Kiilopää.

By train

Take the earlier night train from south Finland to Rovaniemi. From Rovaniemi, there is a bus connection, leaving from the railway station.


Winter? Really?

Have you ever been coding under the northern lights? Or in a Lapp daylight? Early-mid February is one of the best times to see northern lights in action. And it also happens, that there’s a full moon during the stay. We’ve done what we can - provide best possible time for some extraordinary experiences.

We know it might be rather cold. Temperatures down to -25 ºC are normal at the time of the year. For some clothing tips, visit here

Smoke sauna?

Being in Lapland in the winter, and one of the most important things is to have a decent sauna. And we do. There’s a big enough smoke sauna to have probably up to 30 programmers. And possibility for winter swimming on a relaxing little stream.

Want to relax a bit while coding?

Luckily, nature is at the core of Kiilopää. And not only that, Kiilopää provides daily trips to nearby fells guided by experienced nature guides. For example, there’s a snow shoe trip on Wednesday morning.

And what does it cost?

The prices are valid for the whole stay during the following duration

The prices include stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner and (most probably) smoke sauna on Monday or Tuesday:


In Kiilopää, Inari, next to Urho Kekkonen National Park. In the middle of nowhere, quite practically - just see the map

Spending some time at Kiilopää?

As folks found out on codefreeze 2015, the scenery is beautiful and there would be tons of interesting things to do, outside the realms of talking software. Suomen Latu Kiilopää organizes quite interesting set of safaris for all people. The possible safaris include, for example

For more information about the safaris, including prices, see the brochure here or visit the official website

About this page

Images courtesy of Visit Finland and Suomen Latu

If you have any questions regarding to this event don’t hesitate to drop a line for Mr. Aki Salmi